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iPhone manufacturing in India Latest News

iPhone manufacturing in India Latest News
TATA-WISTRON deal is done
Tata’s name is enough for good quality of any product. Today’s date, there is no such business that TATA GTOUP does not do. You just name it, from salt to plane and from truck to AC, TATA GTOUP is present with every product.
You must be aware of all this, but the new thing is that a new name can be added to Tata’s quality product very soon and it is such a product which is demanded by every youth of the country nowadays. Do not understand, I am talking about iPhone. The question may be coming in your mind, how can this happen but sure it can happen. Let’s go, how can iPhone and tata be together?
Actually, you must have heard about wistron corporation. It is a Taiwan company and one of the major vendors of apples in the world this company’s plant in India is present in south India’s Karnataka. This plan in which iPhone was prepared Goes, tata is talking to buying it.
According to the current information, the tata wistron deal can be done for $612 million dollars. Although nothing has been finalized yet. Negotiations are going on between the two companies. But if Tata – wistone deal is done then it will affect both apple company and India. will be of great benefit because China’s problem is no longer hidden and Apple is dependent on China’s poscon plant for the protection of its latest iPhone, but the situation there is bad, due to the lockdown, the world’s best iPhone manufacturing unit is lying closed. That’s why India’s wistron plan can become a new destination.
For its latest phone. Currently, Apple produces the basic model of the iPhone SE, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14 in India. All pro models sold in India are imported. They are creating a boom in the protection of the model and it is a matter of advantage for India.
As of now, there is no chance of China’s situation improving soon. That’s why the wistron plant in India can be of great use to apple. But there is a need to increase its capacity, which Tata can do, so if the Tata-Wistron deal is done If it is, then it is going to have many benefits. First, Apple will solve the problems related to the production of the iPhone, which will be done. Second, Apple will completely shift its business from China to India, so India will also benefit. Third, it will be easier for India to woo smart phone companies like apple because we can say that Apple’s products are made in India. If the fourth plant will be Tata, then apple is already known for its quality. With Tata, people trust apple. Will increase it.
Apart from this, this deal will also help Tata group to increase the manufacturing capacity of tata electronics private limited i.e. TEPL. This company is a wholly owned company of tata. Although TEPL is already a component vendor of Apple for iPhone and globally In order to establish itself, it is also planning to deal with the big manufacturers in Korea and Japan. Overall, the thing is that along with Tata and Wistron, making the iPhone is indigenous as well as a reliable product. Will give. Which will be of great benefit to apple and the people of India.

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