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OYO’s IPO is ready to bring, big opportunity to earn for investors!

 Go to any city The first name that comes to your mind for cheap rooms is OYO Russia. Now, this company is also going to give you an opportunity to earn, in fact, OYO is going to enter the share market soon and for that, the company will bring its IPO.
OYO's IPO is ready to bring, big opportunity to earn for investors!
Ritesh Agarwal,CEO of OYO Rooms
The latest news is that OYO has submitted documents related to Sebi’s pass revised DRHP i.e. IPO, in fact OYO had submitted documents to bring ipo once before, but due to the market conditions not being good, a company postponed its planning.
First of all, let us tell you what is DRHP, people also know it as Draft Red Herring Prospectus. DRHP of any company’s IPO is actually that company, its shareholder, its financial situation, company’s functioning, its legal differences, Gives information about the loan on it, the use of the money received from the IPO, the risk associated with it, etc.Sebi assesses this and if all seems right then the company is allowed to bring IPO. The company is planning to bring IPO next year in early 2023 i.e. in January, although OYO’s eyes will be on the market situation and accordingly will be decided by
OYO had filed IPO documents in the year 2021 and IPO was to come this year but after the corona epidemic, the plan was postponed due to the financial condition of the hotel industry not being good. Due to the pandemic, OYO suffered huge losses and the company lost thousands of jobs. Forced to cut. This was disclosed in the new documents given to SEBI on Monday but the loss of your company has now been reduced to a great extent. There is a reduction in the loss of the company due to travel recovery and cost reduction and this is the reason why the company has filed its fresh documents with SEBI.
During the IPO file, the company has given information about its latest financials, after March 2022, there is a rebound in the sales of the company for three consecutive months. Apart from this, after the initiatives taken by the company, the company’s adjusted gross profit margin for the fiscal year 2019-20 was 9.7%, which has increased to 33.2% in the financial year 2020-21. The biggest thing is that during the financial year 2021-22, the company has been able to bring down its losses.
The company’s loss in the last fiscal was Rs 1939 crores, which was Rs 3944 crores a year earlier. During the quarter that ended June 2022, the company’s loss has been Rs 413 crores. This means that the company is moving towards profit. Apart from this, there was a tremendous jump in the gross monthly value of the hotel per company. In the first quarter of the current fiscal, this increase reached Rs 3.25 lakh. Which was Rs 2.21 lakh in the same quarter a year ago.
With the removal of covid restrictions and the increase in travel, the business of OYO is fast returning to track, that is, the OYO business is expected to shine more in the coming times and this creates expectations for the investors as well, which means that if the IPO comes, then the investors will have a pass. There will be a chance to make big money, although the way the shares of the startups listed in the talk in the last one and a half years have fallen, it will also be an alert for the investor.

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