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What did Bill Gates say about India?

What did Bill Gates say about India?
Bill Gates say about India
Bill Gates, one of the world’s richest people, has praised India’s growing power on the health, technology, science, and economic front. Bill gates believe that if all the countries of the world learn from India, then a big change can come. Bill Gates praised the leadership of India and PM Modi and said that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has released a report on the progress made towards SDG i.e. sustainable development goals regarding India’s development journey.
In this report, there is mention of poverty and hunger, achieving economic development, ensuring everyone’s access to clean water and toilets, and other efforts. The report shows that the current situation in the world on these issues is not good and the world’s car moving towards these goals has derailed, but still, the progress and leadership shown in India, if the countries of the world learn from India, then the picture can change. The SDG report mentions India’s strong move in different sectors.
It has been told in the report that two out of every five vaccines distributed worldwide during the corona epidemic were made in India. During the epidemic, despite the lack of supply in early 2021, 2 billion doses of vaccines made in India were distributed inside the country, while 250 million doses were exported. During the corona epidemic, the world saw India’s vaccine revolution, India not Not only did he provide maximum protection against the virus to his citizens as soon as possible, but also stood as a troubleshooter for the needy countries of his world.
Apart from the vaccine revolution, bill gates are highly influenced by India’s digital revolution. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s SDG i.e. sustainable development goals said that India’s digital system of financial inclusion can be a model for the whole world. The SDG report claimed that the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana has extended to banking and other financial services, especially tax. The reach of women has increased tremendously. Of the total 45 crore accounts opened in India, more than half are by women. UPI i.e. Unified Payment Interface has made possible more than six billion transactions every month, it is surprising that not only this but due to the Aadhaar identification system and digital payment, digital relief amount has reached more than 300 million people during the pandemic.
The impact of India’s digital revolution was not limited to just opening accounts or transactions, but India also changed the face of the health care sector through digitalization. It has been told in the SDG report that the covid digital platform, which helps to provide and certify 2 billion doses of covid-19, is now being set up. Ayushman Bharat’s digital mission is also being expanded so that digital arrangements can be made from the identification of people to payments, records, and communication. This will make it easier for front-line workers to collect patience level data, also for patients. Access to digital records will be easier, taking privacy precautions with the consent of patients, and health providers can share important data, which will improve the treatment situation. Bill Gates believes that the kind of decisions and works that have been done under the leadership of PM Modi can become a model for the countries of the world.

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