Here are the photography tips for World Photography Day 2022 smartphone users

Over the years smartphones have gradually transformed the traditional camera into a position to dominate the market

Even professional photographers reach for a quick snapshot or a regular image for their smartphones

World Photography Day is on Friday, August 19, 2022.

Let's know about some tips related to a good photography

1. Before planning a photoshoot, wipe your phone immediately for fast and satisfying image quality.

2. Tap on the screen for good focus so it only lets you focus on that image

3. Avoid flash in smartphone cameras altogether Choose natural light

4. Straighten the tilt so straighten the tilt if tilting the phone while shooting makes the horizon crooked which causes a major problem for an average photographer

5. Use a powered gimbal to get great videos.

Don't zoom unless your phone is equipped with a telephoto lens.

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