Here are 8 reasons why you're having trouble saving money

1. Not paying attention to repaying the debt: this loan includes student loan loans, credit card loans, mortgage loans, and personal loan loans.

2. Budgeting: maintaining a budget can help you understand how much you're spending each month

3. Trying to impress friends with money: friends invite you to a more expensive party than expected

4. Lack of emergency funds:  Saving for emergencies is necessary for many reasons, one of which is the emergency fund should be.

5. Paying for items we don't use

6. It is easy to spend money: whether you are out and about on your phone or scrolling, opportunities to spend money are everywhere.

7. No further thinking: we are currently so rooted that our child needs college tuition money or has enough money to retire himself.

8. Spending a lot of money on social activities

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