New research in Tesla Autopilot AI Full Self Driving Software

Ashok Eluswamy, director of Tesla's Autopilot software, presented some of the recent work of the Autopilot team at the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2022 conference in June

Ashok Eluswamy said Tesla Autopilot prevents an average of 40 collisions from drivers accidentally stepping on the accelerator instead of brakes every day.

Autopilot is able to detect when the driver accidentally floors the accelerator instead of the brakes, which in many cases causes a collision.

Eluswamy stressed that apart from being safe, a self-driving car should also be comfortable and reasonably fast.

Tesla's autopilot and FSD technologies have recently drawn some criticism from regulators and the U.S. government.

According to Eluswamy, this technology advance will eventually allow Tesla to "build a car that literally never crashes." "

Eluswamy said many of the latest improvements from the Autopilot team are sending the full self-driving (FSD) beta tester as part of version 10.69.

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