SpaceX promises a Starship launch in 2024

2021 was an exciting year for SpaceX and the "Starship" mega-rocket. 

Space fans' eyes stayed on the online Livestream of SpaceX Starbase in McGregor, Texas

When on May 5, 2021, SpaceX launched the Starship SN15 – and also landed it.

After the successful touchdown of SN15, SpaceX quickly announced plans to take its next step into space

Two months ago, Elon Musk assured investors without uncertain terms that a "Starship will be ready to fly in July." 

which outlined an ambitious 90-minute flight plan

which will send a new orbital-class starship to operationalize the first globe

Then it will send "soft-land" to the sea| 18 months later, that starship hasn't been established yet.

But he is still on target for fulfilling his big promise of launching a SKY satellite in 2024 and likely action is expected to begin soon.

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