NASA's Artemis lunar test ready for the third flight

Artemis I, which aims to launch the Orion capsule on an unmanned test flight to the moon and back.

NASA has targeted November 14 for its third attempt to launch its, next-generation rocket ship

"The inaugural Artemis mission to the Moon was delayed after weeks of technical shocks and bad weather," the US space agency said.

The new targeted 69-minute launch window for the Artemis I mission on November 14 opens at 12:07 p.m. EST (0407 GMT), NASA said. 

In which two-hour backup launch opportunities are set for November 16 and November 19.

After Apollo's final lunar mission, the precursor to the Artemis program, WILL mark the first voyage of both the SLS rocket and Orion.

Artemis wants to bring astronauts back to moon's surface in early 2025

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