SKY Perfect JSAT to Launch Superbird-9 Comsat on SpaceX Starship

Sky Perfect JSAT signed a contract with SpaceX to become one of the first organizations to launch hardware on heavy-duty Starship. 

It will launch the broadcast and broadband satellite Superbird-9 in early 2024.

Sky Perfect JSAT provides multi-channel subscription TV broadcasting services and communications to the Japanese market primarily through its 16 existing satellites

It will maneuver into a geosynchronous orbit once it is launched

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has indicated that the Starship will be able to launch more satellites than the Falcon 9 or Falcon Heavy Can and, possibly, even larger satellites.

Once the Starship becomes operational, SpaceX plans to use it for a variety of applications

which range from rapid point-to-point transport to Earth to travel to Mars

It already has a contract with the Air Force to study the potential use of starships for point-to-point transportation of urgently needed cargo.

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