This crypto mining malware had come across as a popular app on free download websites for years

A year-long Monroe malware campaign has been detected for the first time inside fake Google apps prominently placed in search results

Malware maliciously mines Monroe using users' computer resources, which is an echo of the once successful CoinHive

Nitrocode initially masks itself as a free software

Which has had remarkable success at the top of Google search results for "Google Translate Desktop Downloads".

Also known as cryptojacking, mining malware has been used to infiltrate a user's machines since at least 2017

More than 111,000 computers have been infected in the last 3 years, which has emerged as a 'desktop' version of the popular one.

Web applications like Google Translate, YouTube Music, Yandex Translate, or MP3 Download Manager.

This malware is so widespread but has gone unnoticed for so long. "

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