7 things you shouldn't buy with cash

1. Online shopping:

With a credit card, it's your credit that gets temporarily reduced, but you don't withdraw any cash during that time.

2. Travel:

It is smart to use a credit card for most big-ticket items like travel.

3. Utility Bills :

 Payment with paper envelopes, checks, and postage stamps stop doing Paying your bills online with a credit card is easy and smart

4. Rent:

Credit card rent payments give tenants a paper trail that can be useful in a number of ways

5. Electronics with Warranty:

Some credit card companies offer extended warranties on specific items, such as appliances or computers, when paid for with credit.

6. Concert or event tickets:

Using your credit card can mean you can get your money back if you get scammed.

7. Cars:

Can earn more on the money invested over the life of the car loan than the interest saved by the car loan

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