7 Jobs That Give You the Best Chance of Working From Home 

1. Travel Agent:

You can also help corporate customers get flights and accommodation for work-related events.

2. Event planning:

From which you can build your expertise, such as planning a wedding or planning a corporate event.

3. E-commerce:

About products that you may be able to sell online. There are various sales platforms such as Squarespace, Shopify, ETC.

4. Independent writer:

Can assist multiple customers in different businesses by writing blogs, articles, or posts for a company's social media accounts.

5. Insurance:

Customers may need home insurance coverage or what type of insurance for their cars, entertainment vehicles, and even watercraft.

6. Customer Service:

Answer customer calls and connects with them online or via email to answer questions or fix issues with products or services.

7. Virtual Assistant:

Tasks are assigned to a specific assistant such as booking a trip, answering emails and calls, or other clerical tasks.

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