7 Costly Mistakes Home Sellers Make

1. A very high price:

Attend five or six open houses in your price range to see what buyers in your bracket can expect for the money.

2. Dirt and Neglect:

Many buyers want homes in move-in condition. Few things are less appealing than inheriting a previous owner's mess.

3. Clutter:

The less of your stuff they see, the easier it is to get rid of them. Minimalistic furnishings also make your home look bigger.

4. Cave-like environment:

A dark or dimly lit house appears monotonous and uncontrolled.

5. Ugly Paint:

Re-paint the inside and outside. For a quick fix, thoroughly clean the exterior with a power washer.

6. Undo Repairs:

Make simple fixes for missing cocks or tiles, broken or missing hardware, leaky faucets and creaky drawers.

7. Old Carpets:

If you can't replace the rugs, clean them thoroughly.

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